Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creative Ideas for Memorializing Your Pet

They're in our lives, day in and day out, acting as a silent, yet loyal friend to every member of the family. When they do pass away, it's natural to feel some fairly strong grief about the loss. Many families choose to have their pet cremated and keep their cremains in an urn. Below are some creative suggestions for custom ceramic pet urns to properly memorialize your pet in the best way possible.

Their Likeness

When it comes to custom ceramic pet urns to honor your pet's memory, why not consider having an urn created to look similar to your pet? Perhaps not an exact replica, but you can commission an urn to look like your dog or cat's particular breed. The vessel can serve as both a memorial and a testament to your love of a certain breed.

Their Favorite Toy

Every pet has their favorite toy. It's the one you'd go to the pet store to purchase again and again to replace it after they've "loved" it into oblivion. When considering custom ceramic pet urns, think about getting it in the shape of their favorite toy, whether it was a squeak toy or stuffed animal. The urn can serve as a nostalgic reminder of the best times spent with your pet.

Their Favorite Spot

Chances are, your pet spent hours in one spot most days. Whether it was a patch of sunlight in the living room or a grassy area under a tree in the yard, most pets find a favorite spot and go back to it every day. Custom ceramic pet urns can be created to represent your pet's favorite spot, be it indoor or outside.

Their Favorite Activity

Did your cat love to chase string? Was your dog a Frisbee fanatic? Why not create custom ceramic pet urns that represent your pet's favorite activity? You can look into having a ball of yarn or a Frisbee made specifically to your specifications in order to best memorialize your pet's cremains.

Whatever memorial you choose when looking at custom ceramic pet urns, just be sure to keep your pet in mind as you make design decisions and you'll certainly wind up with an urn that will be a lasting testament to your loyal friend.

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