Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Are Four Pet Products That Can Help Your Aging Pet?

It is difficult to predict how or when a dog will show signs of aging as there are many factors to take into consideration. A few important factors include the breed of the dog followed by size and genetic makeup. As soon as you see a difference in their behavior or see them having difficulty with activities such walking or climbing stairs, you should consider pet accessories to make them more comfortable.

Arthritis and Joint Pain:

As dogs get older they are susceptible to conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint pain. There are two types of dog beds manufactured specifically for joint pain: a memory foam bed and an orthopedic foam bed. Ortho Bliss, a memory foam bed is one option for dogs whose mobility is impaired due to joint problems. A memory foam dog bed is ideal as it molds to the animal's body heat and weight relieving pressure points and improving circulation. A memory foam bed is not the same as an egg crate bed.

Another type of bed for older dogs is an orthopedic foam bed. Often manufactured with a cushion-like material they, too, can provide relief to a dog's painful joints. The memory foam and orthopedic foam beds should be pre-treated to repel odors, bacteria and insects. Ideally, the pet bed that you choose will feature a pillow zipper out for ease with washing, are eco-friendly and machine washable.

If you have a senior dog that is not experiencing arthritis or joint pain, or have a smaller dog, there is a wide selection of bumper dog beds, bolster beds, or donut dog beds designed with comfort in mind.

Other Accessories for Mobility:

Some dogs have difficulty climbing steps or jumping into a truck or van as their only symptom of aging. Pet ramps or pet steps provide a flat surface angled for ease of ascending to a higher location. A selection of pet ramps or pet steps come in a variety of sizes and lengths that are sturdy enough to hold larger dogs without bending. They can easily be used to help your dog get into a truck or onto furniture without having to maneuver to a higher level. Many pet ramps comes with carrying handles for ease of transporting them from one location to another and most have a safety release available.

Pet strollers:

For those who want the company of their older pet along side of them while jogging, hiking or walking a pet stroller can provide the opportunity to continue with your cardio routine and still have your pet be part of the event. Most pet strollers accommodate one or two pets at the same time, are sturdy, waterproof, safe and fold up for easy storage.

Couch covers

Older pets experience problems with frequent urination, leaky bladders or incontinence. This can especially be a problem if dogs are allowed on the furniture or sneak on the furniture while you are at work. A line of couch covers protect furniture from pet leaks, shedding hair and stains from the oil in their fur.

By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a wide selection of products that will accommodate your older pet. The variety of pet products like their pet beds, strollers, steps, ramps and couch covers will help you in making the changes that he/she is going through more comfortable and headache free.

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