Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finding the Right Pet Photographer for You?

To them, their pet is like part of the family and as such, it should be treated that way too. To ensure that they are getting just the right photographer for the job, they usually ask a series of questions to see if this particular photographer is the right one for them. It may be a good idea to find out if the photographer has pets of his own or whether he has experience with animals. Some animals have a sixth sense when it comes to people so those who are nervous around dogs, for example, will put out some kind of vibe that the dog can feel very often. That being said, the professional will have some 'tricks' that he can employ to make the pet relax as much as possible.The professional pet photographer should also provide some of the services set out below:

1 The photographer should have his own portfolio showing the kind of work he has produced in the past. From this, the client can ascertain not only if the photographer will be suitable, but also the kinds of poses that will be utilized in his own photo shoot. This also precludes the necessity to ask for references as well.

2 A studio set up if the photograph is not going to be taken in the home or garden. Most photographers will have a place set up ready for any kind of photography, but for pets this is a little different. For example, the exotic pet may need a branch or something similar to sit on so this has to be set up well in advance.

3 A guarantee. If the photos that the photographer has taken do not come out quite as expected, he will normally offer a re-shoot so that the customer can try again. If the pet is particularly unruly, then this is very valuable offer. However, this does not mean endless photo shoots. Rather, it just gives the pet time to settle down and get used to him.

4 Thumbnails or proofs. Before the final printing is done, many photographers will produce contact sheets with all the photos from the session on. From these, the client can pick out the ones that he wants and have them enlarged.

5 A photo 'package'. Some photographers will have package deals and this will consist of a few normal sized prints with one or more enlarged shots all for one price. This is open to discussion, of course, so always work this out before the shoot takes place.

Lastly, the general idea is that both the photographer and the client feel very comfortable with each other. Discuss fully what requirements are expected, from both sides, and agree upon a package up front. If the photographer takes shots with owners and pets together, organize a studio shoot or one in the home whichever will get the best photograph in the end.

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