Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Benefits of Using Litter Boxes

These are very simply made as all they are plastic boxes that can handle cat waste. The purpose for them is so your feline has a place to go to the bathroom.

You can buy them for any number of reasons as they come ready for one cat to multiple ones. The best way to judge how to buy one is to size your cat up. If they are bigger than normal ones, then you are going to need a bigger pan to handle a cat over ten pounds. If your cat is smaller or just a kitten then all you'll need is a very small unit for them, which will be rather inexpensive.

Here are some other things to consider when purchasing one of these units:

• Multiple cats - For those of you who have multiple cats there are boxes that can accommodate them, but you may want to consider buying a few single boxes because you more than likely don't want to mix wastes together. Pet stores sell them for a few dollars more than they would a solo one.

• Liners - As pet waste can get stuck to the bottom of these pans there are liners that you can purchase to prevent this from happening. The liners are stronger than your usual garbage bag because they have to handle a lot of waste. This will eventually help eliminate odors as the liner can be changed every couple of days.

• Scooper - You're going to need a scooper. This is a small plastic like shovel that scoops up waste. They also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the different sizes of cat. You can buy these in any variety of colors and sizes at your local pet shop. They are relatively inexpensive and accessible.

• Baking soda - One thing that you may have not known is that you can use baking soda in your litter to make it smell fresh. It is non toxic to your pets and does wonders for smells. All you have to do is throw some on top of the litter and do so every few days to keep it from smelling bad. You can buy baking soda at your local grocery store.

These are just a few things that you can do for your litter boxes at home. You don't have to live with foul odors and litter scattered throughout your home anymore when you learn how to properly gain control over your box. Hopefully this will help all of you pet owners out there. If you're in for a new pan then try one of the traditional ones.

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